Open Road

by Adam Kurtz

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"Open Road" is about leaving Portland, Maine. It's really about deciding to leave any loved-thing behind; closing a chapter, reading on to the next one. The album documents the wherefores and feelings after deciding to leave, but before having left.

Album was conceived on August 28, 2009. I wrote it in the following two weeks (Aug 28 - Sept 11), recorded it at Halfway Rock Studios (Sept 14-18), with mixing, minor overdubs and mastering the next week (Sept 21-25). So a full length alt-country record in one month.


released September 27, 2009

All songs by Adam Kurtz (BMI) except Breathin' Easy by Elijah Ocean (BMI)
All instruments by Adam Kurtz
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Kurtz at Halfway Rock Studios, Harpswell, ME
(c) 2009 Adam Kurtz, except Westbound (c) 2008 Adam Kurtz



all rights reserved


Adam Kurtz Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, pedal steel guitarist, manic-album-maker, wing enthusiast.

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Track Name: City Boy
I walk to work each morning wave the same wave to the same folks every day
Give the same what’s ups and good to see you’s and stroll along our same old way
Grab a cup of coffee from the Hill Top there they always know my name
So why do I feel claustrophobic when that’s exactly why I came?

It’s something in my brain
I rig it so I can never win
And I shoulda know, yeah I should know from the beginning
I’m a city boy in small town skin

I couldn’t live I couldn’t breath I couldn’t sing I couldn’t even try
I had no name I had no plan I had no game I had no fish to fry
I dropped it all ran to the sea reset my clock but watched the days tick by
I dropped the ball with atrophy a lot of talk but never any why

And I knew something was amiss from the moment I touched down
In the back of my head where the truth goes to wait
There’ve been uprising brewin’ but stalled out the gate
Cause I, I felt torn

The grass is green the sky is blue I’ve never seen a place where that ain’t true
And unless I die I can always come back to the comforts I knew
Track Name: Sleep Walking
I’ll miss you when I’m 3000 miles away
I’ll miss you when the sun won’t go down easy
Please be waiting for me cause maybe I’ll return to you real soon
And maybe I’ll be back before you wake up
Or maybe I’ll stop by to watch you sleep

I’ll miss you when I have nothing else to do
I’ll miss the smell of ocean breezes
Freezing inspiration right in place like watching statues
Like touching up a cracked and faded picture
Like walking when you’re fast asleep

You’re sleep walking, yeah we’re all sleep walking
And it’s a sleep we won’t be easily awoken from
You keep talking, yeah we all keep talking
In our sleep, but only what we want to hear is getting through to us
And our dreams will always be enough for us it seems

I’ll miss the way I never had to try
I’ll miss the conversations about leaving
Believing that one more second chance could animate this freeze frame
That the same melody could light a new flame
And I’ll miss talking in my sleep
And I’ll miss walking in my sleep
Track Name: Open Road
Hey! I got a secret
But something not too secret cause I already revealed before
There’s something doing
The homebrew just ain’t brewin’ and I can’t drink it anymore
I’m snapping chains
But I ain’t burning bridges or sinking to the bottom
I’m just keeping the light on to show the store is open

Yeah I’m open for an open beer in front of me wherever I show
Yeah I’m open for a new frontier in front of me wherever I go
Yeah I’m open for almost anything, I’m open for an open door
Yeah I’m open for, yeah I’m open for, the open road

Hey! I’m at a party
Pounding PBR with everyone I just saw out on the town
We’re rocking out
Sweating into microphones and screaming over classic rock songs
Just like in high school
But something big is missing cause no one wants to listen
We’re just decorating prison so I’m hoping that I’m open for…

I’ve got a great idea
I’ll be taking to the highway with my guitars in the backseat
And blaring on the radio
“Boxer” and “Dear Science” and “Kid A” and even “Open Road”
I’ll test the limits
Sleeping where I want to when I want to how I want to
And keeping both eyes open cause I don’t know how to close ‘em

Yeah I’m open for almost anything, anything you got in store
Yeah I’m open for trying anything that you can pour
Yeah I’m open for almost anything, I’m open for an open door
Yeah I’m open for I am open for the open road
Track Name: I'm Comin' In
If your house has got a light on, I’m comin’ in
If your house has got a light on, I’m comin’ in
If you’re pouring me a bourbon, I’m comin’ in
If you knock a couple cubes in, I’m comin’ in

I’m comin’ in for lovin’
I’m comin’ in for play
I’m comin’ in for a good night’s sleep
But I ain’t comin’ in to stay

And in the morning I’ll write your number down
And promise I will call you soon
But in the evening I’ll be in another town
Singin’ a different tune

So if you got some love for takin’, I’m comin’ in
Even if it’s fakin’, I’m comin’ in
But if you’re thinkin’ it’s forever, I’ll still come in
Better once than never, I’ll be right in

I’m comin’ in for lovin’
I’m comin’ in for play
I’m comin’ in for a good night’s sleep
But I ain’t comin’ in to stay

I’m comin’ in for comfort
I’m comin’ in for just one day
I’m comin’ in for a good night sleep
But I ain’t comin’ in to stay
Track Name: Ghost Town
Empty streets and empty bars is all that we can see
Walking through the village square where something used to be
Is it in our minds or did everybody flee?
Our voices echo endlessly, there’s no one else around
How did we get left behind wandering alone throughout this Ghost Town

I follow memories of singing in the air
Toward the old marquee that lies in disrepair
Names I’d forgotten scream their own despair
I’m drunk and powerless like a king without a crown
Desperately in search of any method to release me from this Ghost Town

But it’s like an elevator that won’t go up or down
Nothing ever changes and there’s no escape from this Ghost Town

If you’re scared of nighttime then you won’t last too long
You’ll try to retrace your steps to see where you went wrong
You’re not transparent you will never belong
You’re like an elevator that keeps on going down
You’re getting closer to the one place that is worse than in a Ghost Town
Track Name: Crossroads (Stir Crazy)
I’m at a crossroads but I only see one way to go
That makes it easier, that makes it easier I suppose
But when there’s a cool wind in the air
And it’s knocking me from my throne
I have to let it, no use in fighting what’s flown

I don’t care about the big picture
I don’t want a ladder to climb
I don’t think about destination
Or about finding me a bride
I don’t care about opinions
I don’t try to save my pride
I’m about to take a break from stirring crazy
And from being about to lose my mind

So I send in resignation cause there’s nothing left to do
And I don’t want nothing I don’t want nothing from you
But I mean no ill remembrance
That’s the last thing I desire
I’m finally leaving, I never wanted to retire
Track Name: Westbound
I’m looking for a bigger piece of the pie
I wanna tie up all the strings that have gotten untied
But it’s a long way, it’s a long way out of here
I’m in a long overdue and ridiculous mood
After proving my intentions have been misconstrued
But it’s a long way, it’s a long way out of here

So I’m westbound, yeah I’m westbound, oh yeah I’m westbound
I need a holiday

There’s still a lot of shit that I ain’t seen
Like the Mississippi River and some giant ravine
So I’m packing, yeah I’m packing for a holiday
I wanna see what missing seasons will do to my mood
And to my ice cold east coast attitude
So I’m takin yeah I’m taking a holiday

I must confess there’s just a little bit left I need a change of address
I’ll find my way out with just a little finesse and and be done with the stress
I’m on a self-mandated and over-discussed kind of quest
And I know I know it’s a long way it’s long but it’s the only way out of here

I’m wide eyed maybe so
But after being blind least I might find the right road
But it’s a long way
Yeah it’s a long way
Oh it’s a long way
Yeah it’s long but I gotta get outta here

And that’s why I’m westbound
Track Name: Will You Won't You
Will you remember me when I’m so far away
Will you wish that I were there each and every day
Will you tattoo a tear for each day that we’re apart
And will you miss me
Will you still miss me when
Will you still miss me when I break your heart

Will you cry sometimes out of the blue
Will you white wash memories of our favorite ocean view
Will you rewind all the way back to the start
And will you miss me
Will you still miss me when
Will you still miss me when I break your heart

And though it may never go away
Everything’s gonna be okay

Will you keep our secrets like you kept me at bay
Will you hold tightly to the flame til it decays
I won’t forget the way you look when I depart
But will you miss me
Will you still miss me when
Will you miss me
Will you still miss me when
Will you still miss me when I break your heart
Track Name: Fly Buzzin' Round
I got a million things to do
And I don’t know where to start
I gotta pack up all the food
And break a couple hearts
I gotta quit a couple jobs
And sign a bunch of forms for the man

I gotta dig through all my trash
Figure what to keep
Throw away the rest
Now that I’m sewin what I reap
But there’s a fly buzzin round that I gotta kill
Before I skip town

I been writing on the wall
But never reading what I wrote
Drifting with a case of beer on my boat
And I never fully meant
All the promises I would make

But the time is right
Cause the stars have aligned
And who am I to even ask why
But there’s a fly buzzin’ round that I gotta kill
Before I skip town

But I’m not going to war
But I’m not going to war
But if a battle is in my future then
I will fight with all my soul

I got a million things to do
Like kiss goodbye to you know who
Then I can go
But I don’t know where I’m going to
That’s the part I’m most looking forward to
But there’s a fly buzzin’ round that I gotta kill
Before I skip town