The Devil is defeated

by Adam Kurtz

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Adam Kurtz grew up a poor black child playing Beatles songs on guitar and then recording songs he wrote on the 4-track he somehow conned his brother into buying the summer after 9th grade. After college, he moved to Boston and joined Lost Pilot as its lead guitarist with an old friend and then started a band in the same role with his college roommate Patrick Walsh called the Fifty Mission Crush. After Patrick defected to Paris for love, Adam moved to Maine for solitude and spent the next era writing songs and recording them on his laptop (ProTools). Wanting a fuller sound, as opposed to a singer-songwriter paired down guy-and-a-guitar approach, Adam put a band together to flesh out the songs and record a full length album (The Devil is Defeated).

Zebulan ("Z. E.") Coffin and Douglas Parker are old pals who were living together in a small apartment in New York. Adam had met them during visits to NYC and knew he wanted Z.E.'s solid low end skills and Doug's impeccable metronome-like drumming. They were easily enticed to come to Portland - they love the rainy weather and the coffee - unfortunately for them they were thinking of Portland, Oregon, and actually thinking of Seattle. Adam selfishly played dumb until after the move. A three piece band was a great start but Adam always had wanted to add a lead guitarist and keyboardist. After jamming a few times with Z.E. and Doug, Adam put out a call for auditions for lead guitarist. It was a lengthy process - Adam demanded that the guitarist be able to "shred mightier than the Warrior Prince Shred of the Land of Shredding" and also to "play with the sensitivity of a baby unicorn tear dropping onto a cloud of misted mother's milk."

Many tried out and were rejected for various reasons, but then one guitarist made an immediately strong impression on the three. The Colonel showed up lugging his Fender Strat without a case, and quietly and humbly asked to use the effects pedals strewn about the room. Adam, Z.E. and Doug were not psyched, but decided to go forth with the audition. The Colonel had clearly listened to the demo tracks that had been on MySpace and added lines of his own creation that were complementary and perfect. The guys pitched in to help get him the necessary equipment and The Colonel was in. He also knew a guy called Demian Ridge who played keys. By no means a virtuoso, Damian fit in personality-wise and musically and also knew how to program synths. He assured the guys that that would come in handy some day.


released June 10, 2008

Adam Kurtz - Vocals, acoustic guitars
The Colonel - Lead guitars
Douglas Parker - Drums, percussion, background vocals
Demian Ridge - Pianos, organs, background vocals
Zebulan Erastus - Bass guitar, background vocals

All songs written by Adam except Atmosphere which is written by Adam with lyrical
assistance from Jeremy Brown

Produced, recorded and engineered by Adam at Halfway Rock Studios, Harpswell, ME
Mixed by Keith Mann and Adam at Keith’s Apartment Studios, Portland, ME
Mastered and duplicated by Odds Are Productions, Saco, ME.

Album design and layout by Adam, band photo by Nathan Kurtz, back cover photo by Jeremy Brown, inside photo by Adam, Devil image provided by Wolfe Editions.



all rights reserved


Adam Kurtz Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, pedal steel guitarist, manic-album-maker, wing enthusiast.

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Track Name: Alchemist
When the fog seeps in to mask and spin apart your innocence
And you’re chilled by god’s solemn songs and his arrogance
Now the floor drops out and a frozen clock is left hovering
And the sun will sleep unaware you wasted time recovering
Cause when your senses numb and all you did is done
This web you spun will be a smoking gun
And you’ll have no one on your side
Even you will not be on your side
So try to understand you can’t kiss the devil’s hand
And be sorry that you, you can’t be sorry that you did
Track Name: Architect
A fatal flaw is fucking up the blueprint
Tho designers have espoused its strengths so eloquently
And now it’s clear as wind that we have been a bit too rash
By racing through construction like a 100 yard dash
We skipped creation of a foundation all our own
And I learned you can’t build love on love alone
Now there’s gotta be some way to build a future
There’s gotta be some way to make a plan with what we’ve
Got on hand and what we can take from our world
For the sake of all our laughing little boys and girls
I’ll dig a ditch and throw in stick and bricks and stones
Cause you can’t you can’t built love on love alone
No you can’t you can’t build love on love alone
So who’s gonna be the one to fix the blueprint
Who’s gonna be the man to mend the plan?
Cause everyone’s an architect at heart but that heart is not yet grown
So we hope to build our love on love alone
But you can’t you can’t build love on love alone
Track Name: Atmosphere
Are you tired? Are you shutting down in the afternoon?
Is your melody a little out of tune?
Are you cold? Even when I start a fire?
Are you weathering the years since you left home?
Cause I see your dreams are getting mixed up in this polluted atmosphere
And you need and I need a breath of air that we can share in this atmosphere
It’s call too clear we can’t find it here
No respite is lurking in this atmosphere
But wait, what keeps keeping you up at night?
And why won’t it whisper you’re all right?
Do you fall? Is the sky cold when you drop from such a height?
Do you think of this as free falling or flight
Track Name: Burning Away
I am luckier than most cause I can see forward and backward without turning all around
It’s an illuminating trick that I learned when I was sick of being knocked and tossed around
But when I’m left to find my way alone I get swept up in cyclone of fire
And it burns and whips my atmosphere killing off my will to persevere until all I got is lost
I’m delusional at best I am the first who will attest to my dissecting attitude
I poke and pick apart each word like I’m turned on by absurd and unproductive points of view
Sometimes I start with a melody that I can sing intrinsically for hours
But then silence takes its place and leaves a dark and heavy space in its exhaust leaving me lost
I’m lost in a maze with no escape stuck in a fog that won’t abate
Can’t you see I’m lost fighting flames under a trance when all I want is just a chance
To live without burning away
I swallow air to feel alive and in a gasp I’m hypnotized by this alluring siren song
Forbidden fruit is overripe sweep addiction mars my sight of what is right and what belongs
And now confused by indecision and another new revision I throw my hands in the air
Cause these time lines out in front of me are hopelessly entwined and crissed and crossed
Track Name: Illusion
I got a weakness for illusion
Like I paint on top of gray a pure blue sky
There’s no use missing the horizon
And no use fading out before you die
Yeah I try my best to listen
To the susurrations just outside my door
But even breathing interrupts the meaning
And I’m forced to raise the glass that I abhor
But not before I sneak a final sip of tired pride
As I leave behind a world worth fighting for
I can’t find my footing
I’m lifting off the floor
I’m lured in by the illusion
That burned too bright and I could not ignore
I thought that I could be the king and I could settle every score
And mastermind a world worth fighting for
So friends come gather round and tell me your reasons
For getting swept up on this fleeting breeze
Yeah I’m reaching out for an anchor
I’m reaching out but nobody sees
Yeah I’ve got my arms out wide but not enough fight left inside
And no one hears enough to disagree
And no one even knows enough or cares to pretend to agree
I can’t find my footing
I’m lifting off the ground
I’m lured in by the illusion
That sentimental fictions are profound
I thought that I would be the king the greatest king we ever crowned
But you can’t be king when you’re the only one around
Cause nothing that you do and nothing that you say makes a sound
Maybe illusion is all we’ll ever know
Maybe that’s just how we get down
Track Name: The Funeral
Thick with life the forest looms in front of me
I lost your trail when I lost my friends
And all I’ve got to comfort me
Is what I can’t find in the trees
I search for clues as to where you plunged ahead of me
I find a broken branch it’s all I need I jump I run
Without a care in this world
I’m too caught up in the chase to even care how I look
And I followed you on the roughest thickest most destructive route
Like I had no where to run to
And I followed you until every bone inside me broke in two
And I had no way to go on
The funeral was well attended and subdued
Everyone was there and they were crying and you were crying too
I didn’t know I could look away (tho I wanted to)
I saw the whole parade I heard the cannons fire
I watched the last one who remained beside my grave
I saw you lay your flowers down and walk away
I saw you kiss the setting sun’s final decay and walk away
I watched you walk away
And I followed you on the roughest thickest most destructive violent icy route
Like I had no where to run to
And I followed you until every bone inside me broke in two
And I had no way to go on
Track Name: Easy Love
Romeo and Juliet sure had it good
It took just a coupla hours til they understood
That there ain’t no easy love
I tried to tame the fire but it burned me good
I never been burned so bad guess I just misunderstood
That there ain’t no easy love
And I feel like a blind man leading a blind man through the woods
We each hope the other one remembers where we’re coming from
And how we could be tempted by an easy love
Cause there ain’t no easy love
And when the world comes crashing down around
Like leaves detaching from the trees at speeds to speedy to predict
It’s easy to get caught up in the rubble and pretend that we can reconstruct a middle
As we try to make amends by wasting time again
Rehearsing lines again in search of an easy love
Romeo and Juliet sure had it right
Cause we’ll never never never never never never never never never see the light
Til we give right up on easy love
Cause there ain’t no easy love
Track Name: Surrender
Everybody put down your guns it’s your commander in chief
I know everyone is choking back tears from the smell of defeat
Now we’re stuck in a trench as the battle goes on
The will of the king’s not the will of the pawn
Hour after hour does a lot to empower a desperate prayer
I gotta think big picture we got a chance at victory I declare
So put down your guns and shut off for the night
Dream a sweet a dream there’s an end in sight
We gotta stay cool
Now what’s the matter?
What could you be after?
What’s the longest you have ever held back laughter?
Who’s the king and master of this cold disaster?
Why have all the virgins left for greener pastures?
Listen up I just got the word we’re going in for the final kill
See what we’ve been training for, someone else’s metaphor unfulfilled
When everything’s gone we’ll have nothing to lose
This sounds like an offer we can’t refuse
We won’t surrender
We can’t surrender
We’ll never surrender
Track Name: Oxidation
Oxidizing in the rain I’m growing weak but who’s to blame
Whispers are retuned unanswered, silence is the greatest shame
My home is colder now no one deigned to stay around
To open doors to open mind but who will lead the deaf and blind
A new revision churns impatient scolding me for wasting time
While the rains unrelentlessly scream and shout I’m calling out now
Who is gonna bail me out?
The water level rises fast it’s dangerous so bail me out
I can’t know if I’ll stay afloat for very long so bail me out
I’m adored, but I’m facing towards an empty shore so what have I been drowning for
And what’s in store for this old pair of broken oars
Left adrift and hardly missed and functionless for evermore
We’ll have to wait to take the bait, which we create by tempting fate
Track Name: Westbound
I’m looking for a bigger piece of the pie
I looking for the fullest moon ever seen in the sky
But it’s a long way, it’s a long way out of here
I’m in a hot air balloon with the ropes clinging tight
Didn’t wanna cut ‘em too soon now it’s time to take flight
‘Gainst the jet stream, yeah I gotta get outta here
So I’m west bound, I’m westbound, oh yeah I’m westbound
I need a holiday
There’s still a lot of shit that I ain’t seen
Like the Golden Gate Bridge and some roads in between
So I’m packing, I’m packing for a holiday
I wanna see what missing seasons will do to my mood
And to my ice cold east coast attitude
So I’m taking, I’m taking a holiday
I must confess there’s just a little bit left I need a change of address
I’ll sell all the bullshit I got on the way and ditch the rest of this mess
I’m on a self-mandated and over-discussed kind of quest
And I know – yeah I know – that it’s a long way, it’s long but it’s the only way outta here
I’m wide-eyed, maybe so
But after being blind at least I might find the right road
But it’s a long way
Yeah it’s a long way
Oh it’s a long way
But I gotta get outta here